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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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Cat Angelique McIntire April 2012



photo by rina rose

    Cat Angelique McIntire was an animal rescuer/advocate, writer, a force of nature, and a fierce friend. Her poetry collection Welcome to the Dollhouse, was posthumously published by International Wordbank Press in 2016, and her animal writings have been published in the Rat & Mouse Gazette, Rabbits USA Magazine, and in articles in the L.A. Times, Daily Breeze, and Real Woman Anthology, forthcoming from Zesty Publications. Her poetry has appeared in poeticdiversity: the litzine of Los Angeles, and in Near Kin: A Collection of Words and Art inspired by Octavia E Butler (Sybaritic Press 2015). She co-hosted Poetry Stew, a monthly open reading with featured poets, with her obedient husband, David. Her favorite gifts were Nightmare Before Christmas, My Pretty Pony (Pinky Pie only), and jewelry of any kind. She loved her husband, her dog children, Zoey and Moo, cavvies, Colombia and Magenta, and house rabbits, Monkey, Darwin, Nico and the Mighty Boosh.



Playing With Fire

melted wax flows with serpentine alacrity
over and through my fingers,
stippling the perfect porcelain of your double lusciousness.
scarlet edged droplets sing of scalding enticements
your head thrown back
knuckles clenching velvet leopard
gasps of startled pleasure teased from your lips
your damned lips
reflecting in the dwindling candlelight

the burning spreads to areas untouched by wax
and i jump all my fences -
blame the vodka
blame the senses inflamed by flame
blame your sighs
blame your thighs
blame your half-lidded eyes
blame the scent of your hair
blame your milky, soft skin
blame the hour
blame your powers
blame the shape i was in
blame the lure of forbidden bliss
blame the pixie thief you awaken in me
blame it all for my theft of a kiss
and the rewriting of original sin

copyright 2012 Cat Angelique McIntire



The Lost Chord

inspired by a quote on music by keith richards

love is tyrannical
it is war torn and wanton and velvet and blue
love is royal, and base, and every flavor in between
its a young mans game and an old womans legacy
its fractal and melding
love is sweet, sweet oil in your hard-grinding gears.

love has a monopoly on pathology
an ongoing affair with insanity
its a chrome spired mistress
and a sticky sweet slave
it cries like a baby abandoned on somebodys porch.
it hums like a mighty machine.

love is incendiary
inflaming every damn cell to a thrumming ecstatic glow
its a melancholy romance,
high and lonesome,
love delivers.

love is a laugh out loud bitch
a foaming cold brew and a hot hot sting when you pee
love is a fist full of gold in a hive full of bees
but if its right, dont ever let go.

there is no falling in love
love chooses you and drags you in
love is magical
love is maniacal
its an amalgamation, a mangling and a dangling and atangling thing.
in love, there is no properly.
love is the lost chord.

copyright 2012 Cat Angelique McIntire