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  April 2012
volume 9 number 1
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Lita-Luise Chappell April 2012



photo by rina rose

    Lita-Luise Chappell has been writing poetry, short stories, mysteries, plays, lyrics, rituals, cookbooks, investigative articles, and travelogues over a span of 45-years. She has a Masters in Psychology and a doctorate in Human Sexuality. She has had several careers: in food service as a chef and caterer, in electronics, in the music industry, in the publishing business, and as a sex therapist. She has also traveled extensively to Western Europe, the Netherlands, the British Isles, the Far East, southeastern Asia, northern Africa, Canada, Mexico, other U.S. territories and Australia. She has been a student of the occult as a priestess in ancient Egyptian, Eleusinian Greek, Italian Strega, British Celtic, Northumbrian Faerye, Hawaiian Huna and Thelema. Through it all, she has written as she went along, commenting on different cultures, human behavior, politics, love, sex, wisdom and magick. A variety of works have been published in magazines, on-line and in print.



Leda and Her Swan

Play me a tune and I’ll sing to you a song
Of a maiden named Leda and lover swan.
It’s old and the music should be something sweet
To retell this sad tale of just how they meet.
Near a glen past a meadow up by a lake
In earliest dawn before all were awake.
A soft gentle morn that began with a maid,
Who’d gotten up early to walk and then wade.
The waters were scented, the trees bowed their leaves
To harbor a young man whose heart it did grieve.
It seems he had no one and was quite alone
But his tears never flowed, his heart was of stone.
He ducked out of sight when the maiden stepped near
Caught his breath by beauty, his heart he could hear.
She undid her garment and started to play
Then his heart melted, what a wondrous day.
The maiden she spied him and dipped to her chin.
For to watch a maiden was surely a sin.
“Who are you?” He pleaded and pledged well his soul
To follow forever, this was his new goal.
“Leda the maiden,” did she reply she in fright,
She struggled to maintain with all of her might.
Her foot caught a branch in the watery deep
Her cries brought the young man to launch with a leap
Tore at the roots and grasses that held her
She kicked him thinking that he was a cur.
At once she was loosened and bounded to shore
But the man who had saved her, he was no more.
His body did slowly float up to her side
No more would she swim there, no more could she hide.
‘Twas her fault she cried to the Gods in the sky.
“Please save him that saved me, please don’t let him die.”
The Gods that had witnessed felt pain for her heart
They decided to save him, but just in part.
They changed the young man to a graceful white swan
A bird he could be but the man truly gone.
She knelt by the swan and she cried with a joy
Forever she’d love him be he bird or boy.
She pledged with a tear that this would be her fate
For Leda to have this white swan as her mate.
The story is sad, but its meaning is clear,
Be careful your pledges, for life is so dear.

copyright 2012 Lita-Luise Chappell



Finding That Magical Place

Where ever you go it is this you must know.
Look for enchantment at every encampment.
The wind it will take you to somewhere that’s new
No matter how wide that is where you’ll abide.
If it says scatter, your feet must then patter.
But if it says rest, then make comfy your nest.
If breezes blow soft, then you must go aloft.
For a magical place may conceal its face.
Ask oak how it grows and the owl how she knows.
You are only a spy when using your eye.
The life that you feel may be more than is real.
Do not be so fooled by the dewdrops bejeweled,
Or the colors ablaze in a midday haze.
For it is under your seat, under your feet
That trembling of earth, now feel what it’s worth.
There’s a sense of a spell that’s how you can tell.
You must learn how it feels, and grasp how it heals.
So wherever you go, it’s this you must know
Let the wind be your guide, do not be denied
So you may embrace every magical place.

copyright 2012 Lita-Luise Chappell