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  November 2005
volume 3 number 4
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Rafael Alvarado November 2005



    Rafael F.J. Alvarado was born in Hollywood in 1965, and has been writing poetry since he was ten. His Granduncle Luis Cardoza Y Aragon was a famous Guatemalan poet who knew people like Pablo Neruda and called them friend.
    Rafael wishes every day to write as well as his granduncle; his Grandmother Laura Cardoza Muller was also a published poet, and a big influence in his writing.
    He is currently writing poems about running marathons; he has run the L.A. & San Francisco marathons, and recently completed the Long Beach Marathon. Rafael believes there's a Zen to running; he writes about what's in the mind of the runner during long runs. He is the co-publisher of The Daisy Standard, a new arts and literary magazine that will debut in 2007, and the co-host of the a companion reading series of the same name at The Backstage Cafe in Beverly Hills.



How a Building Falls Apart

Nerves shot

Two days before

The marathon

Yesterday Mark told me he is moving out

I bully him too much

My anger comes home every night

They have cut my hours at work

Iím not liked at work

A man with dreams in his eyes

Shouldnít work a dead-end job

Or just keeps his eyes closed

Near the ones who donít dream

My girlfriend disappointed by my life

Too many things keep coming up

Those things break her down

Pull that arrow out of her heart

Make her want to leave

Almost broke

Ear infection hurts

Girlfriend in New York

Iím without her here

Want her here

Iím in San Francisco

Running my second marathon

'Cause I need to run

No rhyme no reason

Just a need

The world doesnít stop for my dreams

Instead it fights harder for me to see the distance

Between time & dreams

copyright 2005 Rafael Alvarado



Almost 40

You watch everything now closer

The sunset means more everyday

Means another day gone bye

Makes one wonder of ones youth

All that energy that went nowhere

Would one change if one knew

Who they might become

Or are we stuck becoming who we have to be

Sunrises over mountains when running

Have a new meaning

Another day full of struggle

Of wanting more

Of missing her

Knowing she had to leave

Doesnít change the fact

That the heart hurts\

To close

To everything that is a trigger

To memory

To yesterday

When all you wanted was another drink

Never realizing

How much all those drinks took away


You should never really fuck with time

copyright 2005 Rafael Alvarado




i wake up

not the best feeling

i don't run early

i get to work

its is hell

there are moments were we give up

let dreams fade

i cant even though

almost 40

i accept the high school environment

when a co-worker

complain that my hours in the dish room aren't enough

doesn't tell me

tells my boss

sort of like telling the teacher

copyright 2005 Rafael Alvarado