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  November 2019
volume 16 number 2
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  William Mohr
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  Michael Dwayne Smith
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Rick Lupert November 2019



    Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert created the Poetry Super Highway ( ) and hosted the Cobalt Cafe weekly reading for almost 21 years. He’s authored 22 collections of poetry, most recently Beautiful Mistakes and God Wrestler: a Poem for Every Torah Portion and edited the anthologies A Poet’s Siddur, Ekphrastia Gone Wild, A Poet’s Haggadah, and The Night Goes on All Night. He writes the Jewish Poetry Blog “From the Lupertverse” for, and the daily web comic “Cat and Banana” with fellow Los Angeles poet Brendan Constantine. He’s widely published and reads his poetry wherever they let him.
Poetry Super Highway



The Mississippi Delta is Shining Like a National Guitar

I’ve never woken up in Memphis before and already there’s a hangover of sorts. I’m going need the day to flush out Los Angeles. First on the docket is buying a postcard with a picture of ducks on it. Second, breakfast at a place that chases the sun. The amount of humidity is fist fighting with the available oxygen, and we’re putting on all the loose clothing. We’re detaching our hair from our heads. We’ve got biscuits in our future, Addie just wants to rock and roll all night, which is a hell of thing to see this early in the morning. We are going to Graceland.

copyright 2019 Rick Lupert




They’re shooting people again in nightclubs and restaurants In synagogues and churches. They’re shooting people in Pittsburgh and Thousand Oaks. They’re shooting people close to home. Every bullet is close to home. There are vigils all day. You can’t move through this cold civil war without moving through a vigil. Soon they’ll come with their guns to the vigils. Soon the breaking news will be the one place, the one minute where no-one was shot. Soon the vigils and synagogues and churches and bullets. They’re shooting people with thoughts and prayers. I’d like to move closer but I can’t get through the vigil. The bullets are flying in all the places with all the names. I’d like to lighten the mood but there’s no time, I’ve got to get to the vigil. I’ve got to shut my mouth and say something. No one said it was going to be like this. No one said anything after the vigil. After the shooting again, again again.

copyright 2019 Rick Lupert