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  November 2019
volume 16 number 2
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Stefanie Bennett November 2019



photo by richard lee miller

    Stefanie Bennett, ex-blues singer and musician has published 12 volumes of poetry, a novel, a libretto, two chapbooks,worked with (no nukes) Arts action for peace – The Institute Of Modern Languages [James Cook University] & ‘Equality. Of mixed ancestry (Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee) she was born in Queensland, Australia.




The Heredity Chief – an ordinary man,
Knows no reason to sing
His own swan song
In the beige frost
Of dawn’s solace.

Instead, a fax machine whirrs
Direct officiates as
Ethno-historical studies
Glean consolidation from
                    The Netherlands,
To Leningrad, to Paris...

Objectively, he turns his back
On the technological plateau
And shuffles out
To greet the small world:
Gustoweha crowned *

Headed towards the wolf
Making his rounds.

{* Gustoweha – Paugussett Nation’s Head-dress}

copyright 2019 Stefanie Bennett




Clocks. There are too many clocks.
There are too few many homo sapiens
Who do not aspire to clocks.

See the mouse run. It is the machinist.
It attends the clock arms.
In any event it’ll corrode with the battery.

Attention! The clock has gone sour.
She spat out her spring. Disrupted
The schedule of trains and the iron bird also.

What to do when the clock revolts?
When the clock family, a billion-fold,
Climb down from the wall and leave it...

We know what we’ll do. A concentration camp
For clocks in peace-time’s a bore.
Say – what else then is our military for?

copyright 2019 Stefanie Bennett