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  August 2009
volume 7 number 2
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david mclean August 2009



art by tatiana tulskaya

    David McLean is Welsh but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives there on a small island in the MÀlaren with woman, weather, boat, dogs and cat. In addition to six chapbooks, McLean is the author of three full-length poetry collections: Cadaver's Dance (Whistling Shade Press, 2008), Pushing Lemmings (Erbacce Press, 2009), and Laughing at Funerals (Epic Rites Press, 2010). More information about David McLean can be found at his blog here:
Mourning Abortion



Light Falls

light falls a broken bulb
memories & heaven

& static time
defined by electric

death - the atom
writhing in me

is orgasm & flowers
offered by nothing

& the void inside
willing life

no body knows

copyright 2009 david mclean



A Demon Screams

a demon screams in the night,
not precisely localized
though i assume he is part of me,
and icy as any memory inside

of childhood or life and time.
he is a mad dog and howls nothing
at less than nothing, he knows what's coming
and death loves him forever

for being nihilism nightly, and moist
by day as sun shines seeding life;
a demon screams inside me
in the night, mostly about time.

my eyes and my sight
he is, and even every memory
in me. demons do not really exist
they tell me, though this one lives

a lot. i feed him dreams
and dead people's
nipples, he eats greedily
as if he believes in me,

not just perfunctorily; then it is
his resurrection that becomes us,
heaven, and he sleeps depraved
and tight tonight,

his life mine

copyright 2009 david mclean